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Thread: So... Opinions on FT24 Rouge

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    Default So... Opinions on FT24 Rouge

    I am thinking about getting her before July 1st. What are people's thoughts about her. The reviews seem very mixed.

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    I think she is a great figure, I didn’t seem to have any of the problems associated with her backpack ( mine sits quite sturdy ). There’s a good amount of heft to her to keep her planted.

    The only thing is clearance issues, it seems 3rd party companies think it’s ok to flex plastic past each other these days which is very evident in her back pack. Also her hood is painted diecast and as such is tightly toleranced and prone to chipping.

    I think her shelf presence alone is enough to warrant price as she is absolutely stunning to look at. Really looks the part alongside Kup, Springer, hotrod and Magnus.

    Happy hunting.

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    The rods connect to her body and back pack put too much strain and stress the mine cracked the connection plastic of the body. I fixed it and transform carefully.

    There are a lot of things I feel that this figure is a let down.

    1. No waist rotation
    2. The rod joint to the body, too much stress.
    3. No twin guns? What a shame. Though I solved this issue.

    I get it only to conclude my collecting of tfs. I personally think this is ft worst figure.

    It feels like they slack after omega.

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