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Thread: Cyberverse toyline found in Australia first

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    Default Cyberverse toyline found in Australia first

    Several HUGE sightings today, but the big news is Cyberverse hitting Australia before the rest of the world, but since it was at a Victorian Toyworld, it might have been an accidental early release, as we've had some Movie toys in recent years being released early by accident.
    Then again, these could be their official release, and we just got lucky with the toys... but not the prices, as the Toyworld prices were apparently not right, with them being way over their normal size-class price point.

    Three sizes found - Scout, Warrior and 1-Step.

    Quote Originally Posted by hYpNoS View Post
    Looks like we have a first sighting in victoria with toyworld werribee plaza having the new cyberverse line in one steps deluxe-ish size and legends-ish classes but at the price of over $42.99 (if I recall correctly, was about to grab the shockwave but I swear I saw double digits and it looked like 40+ wtf) for the deluxish guys who are more simplified than rid's line I'm not even going to go touch them


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    Sweet, been waiting for these to come so I can get that Shockwave.
    $40-something is pretty insane though hopefully that’s the higher end of the pricing.
    Given the varied pricing at different Toyworlds hopefully a sighting will come in if a cheaper one

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