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Thread: 3rd Party Combiner List?

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    I have both Ordin and feral rex and as individual bots mmc blows it out of the water aesthetics are spot on. Unique toys are still very good I just didn’t get that wow factor like mmc’s.

    Combined mode is the opposite, Ordin is fantastic! Very stable on his feet and great pose ability. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of cartoon accuracy.

    Feral Rex looks amazing combined but that’s it, because of how Leo (razor claw)
    Legs collapse there’s hardly any stability in the upper thigh of Rex making it impossible to pose him and every time you touch his crotch piece comes off. You can make him more stable but then he’s too short and he looks stumpy with gorilla arms.

    That’s my opinion anyway

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    I agree with you about Feral Rex. Compared to the others i have its too bulky and out of proportion, plus i have the same issues with posing him that you do. Its a shame that none of the Bruticus do it for me because i would really like one. Ordin looks good to me that is why i was leaning towards it. Reckon i will have a hunt around and see what he is going for these days.
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