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Thread: Amazon AUSTRALIA items of interest

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    So how have you guys been going with your Amazon AU Doubledealer preorders? Has Amazon cancelled any of them? I'm thinking of moving my Scorponok and Snapdragon over Amazon AU to save on shipping, even if the price of the toy itself is greater than Amazon US.

    Quote Originally Posted by griffin View Post
    As mentioned in the Oz news topic, the MLP My Little Prime figure is also on Amazon Australia, as Australian stock (not a US import), for $28.
    I really shouldn't have, but after seeing you mention it I just bought the MLP Prime. God damn you, Griff.
    I have a list of all G1 characters that have been released in CHUG form. You can find it here. Pleaes feel free to let me know if I got anything wrong so I can fix it.

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    My Little Prime is currently $23.80. At that price, it's almost wrong not to get one Only 4, maybe 3 in stock left though.

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