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Thread: Nemesis Pax's Floppy Foot and Other Miscellany

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    Default Nemesis Pax's Floppy Foot and Other Miscellany

    So, my new Nemesis Pax figure (smaller robot of the POTP Nemesis Prime) has a REALLY floppy foot.

    Its held in by a pin and will stow away fine but as soon as I deploy it out, it looks like he's got no bones in it! While it doesn't impact on his standing, fly-kicks and the like would be out of the question!

    Any ideas how to tighten this up?

    Also, over the years my collection has taken a bit of a beating. My 30th Springer has a broken tailflap for his chopper mode (which a cleaner then hid the evidence of, or so he thought anyway), my TR Skullcruncher (with loose hips) is missing a head. Can spare heads or a replacement tailflap be sourced somewhere easily?

    And for loose hips, as mentioned my Skullcruncher (while an awesome crocodile) has had this issue from day one. I've always seen people mention 'furniture polish'. Is there a good Aussie one to use to fix this problem?

    Cheers everyone!

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    I dropped my Springer and snapped his tail fin. The loop that attaches the fin to the body snapped off. I used the LocTite gel superglue and it has been perfect ever since.

    As far as tightening loose joints, I use clear nail polish and keep moving the limb until the nail polish has dried filly. Great for ball joints and all of the loose bits on Titans Return Powerglide. Not sure the best way to get it to flow inside the pin though. Maybe a syringe with a metal needle on the end.

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    My Orion Pax has a very floppy leg... Fortunately there is no issue when he is in Optimus mode

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