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Thread: Toy Review - Studio Series Dropkick

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    This is an absolutely gorgeous figure. This is the kind of figure that keeps me interested in collecting mainline stuff.

    - Vehicle mode is almost flawless. There's a small chunk of fist sticking out of each side of the tail boom. Otherwise, it's slender, waif-like, accurate to source and stable. I especially adore the foldout nose mounted minigun.
    - Transformation is excellent. Aside from the main rotor, tail rotor, and intakes everything is used and nothing becomes kibble. It's one of the best transformations on a retail figure in a while. The way the mass shifts to produce a well proportioned robot mode out of a slender delicate looking alt-mode is fantastic.
    - Robot mode is great too. It's incredibly posable, with the hips and shoulders in particular having a wide range of poses available.
    - QC on mine is top notch , which is great and is something that I've been quite glad for in the Studio Series line. Everything is just as tight as it should be.
    - Criticisms - no weapon storage in robot mode, no hard locking point for the intake covers in robot mode. That's about it.
    - The size - I'm aware this has had quite a bit of commentary. It doesn't bother me really, though if there's an oversized KO of this coming at some point I'll probably go in for one of those too. It's small, but I don't think it hurts for it.
    I'm really just here for the free food and open bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
    Inspired by the comments here I bought Dropkick. As Studio Series figures go, it's disappointing.

    The 180 swivel is something I like in the transformation and about the only thing I did like. The robot mode is pretty poor match for the animation model and has too many things in the way for good poseability.

    The helicopter mode relies on a few pegs that aren't very strong. Joints on mine are either too tight or too loose (and sometimes the this differs on the same join depending on what side the body) to the point I was worried about breaking some or some parts would never pegged stay together.
    Crappiest TF of the movie line that I've ever bought. The pegs and tabs don't stay together in alt. mode and the result is the copter doesn't stay together properly. There's always a split down the middle somewhere along it's length. I'll be giving this turd away for sure.

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    (From the Shatter Jet Type review thread):
    Quote Originally Posted by Sutton View Post
    Now if they could please go back and give Heli-Dropkick another crack, this time in the right colours etc k thx.
    Dropkick Heli Type has the correct colours for the helicopter mode, and they have given it some blues for the robot mode.

    As you can see, the movie model is actually a mix of both blue and grey. Dropkick Car Type is more blue in both the toy and screen model, but that's because he was still just a Double Changer at the time. After acquiring a tertiary mode he became mostly grey with blue accents throughout; and that's difficult to translate into a Deluxe Class toy. You can either have a grey robot or blue helicopter, and given that the alt mode is licensed from Bell Helicopter, I'd say that Hasbro may have required to make it grey.

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