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Thread: WTB: NeoArt Toys NT-10 Beast Muscle Origin Leonidas

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    Default WTB: NeoArt Toys NT-10 Beast Muscle Origin Leonidas

    Hey ladies'n'gents!

    So as the post's title says, I'm chasing a (rather overly long-named) 'NeoArt Toys NT-10 Beast Muscle Origin Leonidas (aka: KO Perfect Effect Leonidas) Specifically the original red/white/blue/gold scheme as I already have their awesome Eva Unit-01 colored version.

    I've seen what I can grab one for on eBay and it's not too bad (AUD $135.00 w/free shipping from China) but still feels way too much for a KO (plus I'm not interested in having to add an extra 10%), so seeing if anyone locally has one gathering dust who would like some extra cash in the lead up to Christmas

    Box or no, I don't mind (as long as it's well protected during shipping if not boxed) Open to any 'reasonable for a KO' sale offers.


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