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Thread: Toy stores in Singapore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fungal Infection View Post
    Looks like alot of the stores that used to be at CSC are now at Havelock 2, which is perfect since my hotel is only 200 metres away 😁
    Yeah that's the place I went to. Just be aware of the opening times as they vary but Sunday after 11am or 12 is when most will open. There is a couple of places at Bugis Junction that are pretty good but I cant think of the name of the store

    Also I found the airport toy stores were pretty good for prices but again shop around and look at the two or three there.

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    Having just returned from Singapore, the amount of TF goodies easily outweighs what we have here in Australia but if you're after G1, then you're out of luck unless you're willing to pay. I spoke to the owner of one of the toy stores in Havelock II and he told me, its not that there's no G1 stock available, its just that those who are looking for them are outnumbered by those that are not. So there's no point putting them on display in the store, since that space could be used for more recent offerings that more people are likely to purchase. That being said, he said any G1 toy is available to purchase, the question is, are you willing to pay for it? He gets requests for japanese G1 all the time but people freeze when they hear the price. Also, he says most of the people who come to find G1 tend to look rather than buy, his store is a business not a museum. Which I understand as I did have a list of G1 items I was after and the prices I was willing to pay and his prices were the same if not more than ebay prices. He said most of the stores will use ebay as a price guide when selling G1 toys. That being said, he said he could get almost any toy I was looking for using his sources, I just had to leave a contact number, email or whatsapp contact and he'd let me know within an hour what he can get and the price - I was looking for a Legends EX Big Powered set which was sold out at every store I went to, so I left him my contact details and left and within 30 mins, I'd received a text to say he'd located one, could get it to the store in 2 days and the price. So I headed back in, paid a deposit and picked it up 2 days later. Also, take into account, they price their toys based on demand and how many are shipped to the case. So if an item is short packed or extremely popular, expect a $5 to $10 premium over the other items within the same case. That being said, the conversations I had with the store owners was very enlightening, and they are collectors themselves so they know whats hot and whats not. And they thought my accent was northern English!
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