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Thread: May-all-your-purchases-be-MISB!

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    May hauls from Phils Holiday.ive been away from here for ages
    Second Punch Counter punch - so i can display this one in CP mode,
    Titan Predaking, finally my halo of Primusbis completed with the last Prime master,yaaay
    G1.5 Euro rescuebot Tank claw , finally completed my loose set of four
    Generations Repugnus (which Im thinking of selling coz this is an extra actually)
    LG Big Powered, awesome set but needs a couple of nailpolish to tighten some joints
    Siege micromasters , autobot cars, decepticon planes, autobot army vehicles set.
    Autobot/decepticons sigil stickers
    Botbots In-sole, Sir Botcha, Atomic Freese, Javasaurus Rex, Hamurai, Techtonic sonic - which completes my botbot series two singles... Now to get the rest of the 5/8 pack only figures...
    Also got an 8 pack swag stylers set.

    Non TF
    KO Shackwave hey the electronic works and no cracks on them hose so i can live with it
    SOC FA Daimos, finally completed my trio of target great robots
    ML Prof X, Jubilee, Psylocke and Gambit.
    Base plates by Toyworld *16pcs (the orange ones given free with their Seaspray)
    Wanted AM partner Vanguard, Myclones Dirge, G1 Victory Leo, e-hobby Dark scream ( the black version), e-hobby Magnificus
    Parts- AM partner Basher-side guns, G1 Actionmaster Elite Windmill's blades[I][B]

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    Wow! How much was Daimos and Predaking?

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    Got Botbot TV Cop.

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