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Thread: WWE 4-inch Ooshies prototypes

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    Default WWE 4-inch Ooshies prototypes

    Last year, I found myself in a position to paint some prototype 4-inch Ooshies ahead of a trade show overseas. If you're not familiar, Ooshies are soft plastic pencil toppers, but the newer ranges are larger and made of vinyl, I think to compete in the Pop Vinyl market. So far, Australia has seen some of the 4-inch Ooshies in Disney Princesses and DC heroes.

    I found a posting online of a sighting of these toys at mass retail in the US, so I can finally reveal the work that I did, which I was not able to share until the toys were released to the public.

    All painted with lacquers through the airbrush, with some hand-brushed details, as per the specifications I was given (although I noticed a few small differences in the released toys). Some of the blank (and somewhat rough) 3D printed prototypes needed some very fine details added - details on John Cena's cap and wristband, and The Rock's crotch and tattoos - which were too fine for me to paint or draw by hand - so I learned how to create my own water slide decals using a kit I had at home.

    The other challenge I had was a super-quick turn around - a matter of days between getting them in hand and delivering them completed. A few late nights!

    Anyway, here are The Rock, John Cena, Brie Bella and AJ Styles.

    (If there's any interest, I have a few WIP pics as well).

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    Great work dude!
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    That’s very cool!

    I’d be interested in your process for the waterslide decals. They turned out great.
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