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Thread: Big W Toy Sale 2019 - THUR June 20 to WED July 10

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    So, I frequent a couple of Big W stores. neither has had many deluxes to speak of at all, since the start of the sale, and have now pretty much sold out. Is this some sort of stock shortage? It's a great price, is it just to get people in the door to then buy all the stuff that's not on sale or has someones distribution failed misearably? I bought a Shatter, for 20 bucks I'd rather have the mediocre toy than not. and used their sale to price match at Target.

    If I was a conspiracy theorist, I'd be wondering if they had the low sales price to cut into targets profit margins.
    Often these sorts of sales have limited stock just to get people in the door, and then probably buy something that isn't as discounted while they are there... which is something that retailers can get into trouble for by the ACCC (it's almost false advertising, for deceiving people into thinking that there will be a decent amount of sale stock, but in reality there was only like one or two units). The other annoying element is that most retailers don't like to price match without calling the nearest store to see if they still have stock... and if you are shopping elsewhere because they had already run out, then the other retailer isn't going to price-match anyway. That's the thing I miss most about TRU - they would price-match to a catalogue without calling up the store. (most of the TRU stores did that)

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    If anyone is still looking for them, Big W has most of their toysale on their eBay store, and they have MP Barricade and Cyberverse Ark Armor Optimus listed. No other TF products that I could see.

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