Welcome to part 6 - today's subject: Slash.

To see the previous entries, please go here for Grimlock, here for Slag, here for Snarl, here for Sludge, and here for Swoop.

For the first 3 entries, the customs are based on existing vintage G2 toys. This is the 3rd and last where the toys were never produced, and only existed in concept. I have used the concept art for inspiration.

You can see the problem with that, right? There was no G2 (vintage) Slash.

I thank Paulbot. I had 2 problems - one was that there was an unproduced G2 Grimlock concept that never saw the light of day that I really wanted to do in this set, but I didn't want to do 2 Grimlocks. And no concept for Slash who didn't exist. It was Paulbot who suggested the most elegant of solutions. If you've ever seen this Grimlock concept, it is totally wild and probably the most disappointing (for me anyway) to not have existed in a broadly released toy. The last pic is the original concept art.

Painted with SMS lacquers through the airbrush, finished off with G2 labels and some extra weapons - firstly, BFG via Renderform (actually an average sized gun that turns massive when applied to a legends scale figure). Slash also needed a Melee weapon, so I resin cast a badass axe from a MOTUC Grizzlor to add to her arsenal. It was a very last minute addition, took 2 days to create and paint, and the quality shows. I'm not at all happy with the outcome and I will re-do it one day soon.

Like Swoop, I had to remove some of the gold paint under clear plastic and replace it with the teal. I hand-painted the stripes.

Some photos courtesy of shadow.maru00 on Instagram - give him a follow for ridiculously cool TF photography.

For the final part of our little G2 journey tomorrow: Volcanicus!