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Thread: Toy review - Studio Series 42 Long Haul

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    19th May 2010

    Default Toy review - Studio Series 42 Long Haul

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Studio Series
    Size/class - Voyager
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - 7
    Released here - June 2019
    Approximate Retail Price - $49
    Approximate Size - 16cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-mode - Dump truck
    Main Features/Gimmicks - Screen accuracy, capable of forming part of Devastator
    Main Colours - Green
    Main Accessories - N/A

    Vehicle mode

    The on-screen truck was a Caterpillar 773B dump truck. The basic shape of the toy is inspired by it, but many of the details are incorrect.


    Transformation is fairly simple in terms of steps - I have a suspicion that this was driven by a desire to make Long Haul a solid, stable leg and foot for Devastator by keeping the complexity and part count down. The sides of the dump bed can lock in pretty firmly, and may require some force to pull open. The only really fiddly part is keeping the rear wheels and arms out of each other's way when transforming, and that isn't really difficult.

    Transforming from vehicle mode to Devastator's leg and foot is likewise fairly simple.

    Transforming back to dump truck mode can be a bit more challenging, as it can take some force to lock in the front of the sides of the dump bed. On my example, performing this step seems to place tension on the arms, which prevents the dump body sides from securely attaching to the back of the dump bed; as a result, they tend to pop out. So far, I've managed to get the dump bed sides to tab in without popping out once. Perhaps the front of the dump bed should have been a few millimetres wider, to place less tension on the arms and sides once they lock in at the front, or the arms should be able to settle and lock further into the middle of the truck's dump bed.

    On my example, the backpack doesn't tab or lock in robot mode, but it holds in position well.

    Robot mode

    Long Haul stands 14.5cm at the top of his head, with the large, forked panel on his back adding another 1.5cm. He ends up looking solid, chunky and stubby, but this is faithful to Josh Nizzi's original Long Haul concept, which made it into RotF practically unchanged. He does have quite a substantial backpack, though, which I suspect doesn't fold or break down as it forms part of Devastator's foot.

    Long Haul is nicely detailed and painted in robot mode, with no shortage of moulded detail and applications of gunmetal grey, silver, green, and red paint.

    Long Haul is articulated, but the range of motion is limited by the shapes of the torso and the limbs. His head is mounted on a ball joint. The shoulders can rotate and abduct/adduct, there is a rotator just above the elbows, and the elbows themselves are hinged. The waist has a ratcheted joint, and there are large detents between locks, so the waist clicks about every 30 degrees. The hips have ratcheted forward and backward motion, and friction-hinged abduction and adduction. There is a thigh rotator, which needs to be rotated outward to move the thigh forward more than one ratchet click. The knees are hinged, there is a rotator just below them that is used for transformation, the ankle has a rocker for inversion, and the toes are hinged upwards to transform.

    Long Haul doesn't come with any weapons or accessories, although he has missile tips moulded into the panels on his forearms. It would have been nice for them to be painted, but the tips are used as tabs in vehicle mode, so any paint would quickly rub off. The ports in his hands, which plug into posts in vehicle mode, are just big enough to accommodate 5mm posts, although given the tight fit I'm not sure they were intended to hold weapons.

    The Studio Series backdrop is the same Egyptian quarry that came with Rampage and Scrapmetal.

    With his fellow Constructicons.


    Long Haul is a nice-looking, screen-accurate piece, but flawed - the aforementioned tension and alignment issues in vehicle mode mean that he ends up with a dump bed that isn't secured at the back, and it may be easier for owners to just leave the back unsecured if the plan is to display him in vehicle mode. If you're displaying him in robot mode or as part of Devastator, this is of course a moot point.

    It would have been nice if he was a bit bigger, but his size was likely governed by the fact that he needs to form a leg alongside Rampage.

    If you like the design, go get him. Just be aware of the potential issue with the dump bed.
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    I was going to keep my Combiner Class Devastator and sell off my ROTF non-combing Constructicons as I collect the Studio Series Constructicons, but SS Long Haul has convinced me to sell off Combiner Class Devvy and keep the non-combining ROTF Constructicons. Because compared to ROTF Long Haul, while SS has a nicer looking robot mode, the vehicle mode is disappointing. The vehicle mode on ROTF Long Haul is hands down superior, from better details to more paint apps, to clear windows and headlights, and of course, an actual dump bed. Of course the robot mode doesn't look as screen accurate (but it does have flip out swords!) and of course he doesn't combine.

    While the dump truck mode on SS Long Haul looks weird (and he does require more panel massaging), it's most likely because he has to be a load-bearing leg. So yeah, I'm keeping both my ROTF and SS Long Hauls and the CC version will be up for sale soon. But this is the first Studio Series Constructicon that, IMO, isn't hands down superior to the original ROTF toy. SS Rampage is absolutely better than the ROTF figure (although we are comparing a Voyager with a Deluxe) and Scrapmetal has no predecessor so... yay? Long Haul is the first SS Constructicon where I can make a direct dollar-for-dollar comparison since they're both Voyagers and neither is really better or worse than the other. Because while ROTF Long Haul may be a nicer stand-alone figure the fact that he cannot combine.

    But Scrapmetal is still a superb toy on its own, even if you never intend to complete Devastator. Rampage is still also a very nice toy on its own right; much of its drawbacks are due to being screen accurate to a silly screen design, which isn't the toy's fault. So both of those figures are really nice on their own even without combining. I cannot say the same for Long Haul though. If you want a nice stand-alone Long Haul toy then stick with the ROTF Voyager. I would only recommend SS Long Haul if you're planning on building Studio Series Devastator... in which case you don't need to read reviews or other people's recommendations because you're already going to buy it anyway!

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    26th May 2010


    The entire set is a must have, if anything because they combine into what looks to be a movie accurate representation of Devastator. What is accomplishes in the variety of modes for each figure is worth the sacrifices they've made in my opinion, all things considered that is.

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    27th Dec 2007
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    Comparison with ROTF Voyager Long Haul

    As a stand alone figure, oversized head-rack aside, I prefer ROTF Long Haul. Obviously it doesn't combine either so I totally get that certain things had to be compromised on Studio Series Long Haul. But I prefer the extra attention to detail on ROTF Long Haul -- the additional paint apps, clear windows & headlights etc.

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    29th Dec 2007


    As someone with no interest in movie Devastator, this Long Haul is an easy pass.
    Poor alt mode with visible hands and major QC issues.
    No weapons.
    Disappointingly small bot mode.
    Rotf LH may be a bit ungainly but with a bit of effort he can be posed to look cool, and has far superior truck mode, so I see no point in ?downgrading? to the new one.

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    Got this guy on Friday.

    Managed to tab the truck bed together better by loosening the screws in the forearms.

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    5th Feb 2010


    This figure looks good. It's certainly more on-model than the 2009 version.

    I have a lot of fondness for that figure that I'm trying not to let cloud my judgment here, because that figure didn't have to pull triple duty as a combiner leg so could afford to have a more complex transformation.

    Ultimately I think I'd like this figure more if there was tighter engineering. Getting the arms to fold away for alt mode is a pain in the butt and it's not really possible to get the truck bed to peg together without it bowing out a bit.
    I'm really just here for the free food and open bar.

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    11th Mar 2009


    Love your photos and review Magnus.

    I think this figure is a great example of the current engineering direction HasTak have taken on: It’s does so little to achieve so much. Aside from the exposed arms in truck mode this thing is amazingly accurate, yet the transformation is so unbelievably simple, AND it incorporates a third combined mode. The overall monotone color scheme certainly helps with the paint budget too which makes the ‘bot mode incredibly rich in painted details. Another winner in the SS line.

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    Long Haul was by far my favourite Constructicon from ROTF as he easily had the best looking robot mode. His colour scheme and general appearance also for me felt like the only ones indicative of the Constructicons G1 origins. But I really like the several versions of him I have already so I don't feel the need to get yet another one.

    I voted No in the poll as for me personally he is not worth buying, but I certainly could see how he would be for anyone intending to build the new Devastator.

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