Series - Super Change Robo / Transformers
Sub-line - Convertors (Omegatron) / Transformers (G1) / Transformers (e-Hobby)
Size/class - N/A
New/remould/redeco - new / repaint of Mechabot-1 / repaint of Encore Omega Supreme
Wave - N/A
Released here - ?? / yes / no
Year of Release - 1984 / 1985 / 2008
Approximate Retail Price - $140~180
Approximate Size - 27.5cm
Allegiance - N/A / Autobot / Autobot
Alt-mode - rocket base
Main Features/Gimmicks - electronic ambulatory and tank gimmicks (follow link to watch video)
Main Colours - black, red, white / grey, yellow, red, beige / blue, white
Main Accessories - track components, clips

Special thanks to Tha_Phantom for providing his Omegatron and Encore Omega Supreme

L-R: Omegatron, Encore Omega Supreme and GADEP in robot mode

Rocket base mode

Tank queue very much

Original G1 Omega Supreme and GADEP

Retrospectively the most notable thing is that the electronic gimmick is prone to failure, especially on the rotating tank turret. As you can see in the video, the tank turret on Tha Phantom's Encore Omega Supreme was the most prone to jamming. My GADEP's turret has a few momentary jams but surprisingly Omegatron's gimmick still works flawlessly. My G1 Omega Supreme's gimmick has been restored (thanks, kup!). The colours on Encore Omega Supreme are lighter than the original G1 and kinda makes it look cheap and "knock-offish." The tampographed logo is cool. I'm personally not a fan of the added internal faceplate. I don't mind it on GADEP as it makes it look different, and also because he's not Omega Supreme. But I prefer my Omega Supreme to be like the G1 toy and just have nothing inside that window. Just the cold, black void of Omega Supreme's empty soul. Until you switch on the gimmick and see it light up like an Xmas bulb. I guess there's nothing really wrong with the face... I just have G1 bias.

Omega Supreme is the original partsformer. And this is definitely a toy that you either want to get complete or not at all.