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Thread: What were your childhood G1 toys?

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    I had gotten exactly 1 gross of G1 toys as a kid/teenager before G1 came to an end . That number is admittedly filled out a fair bit by the fact I always counted a 4-pack of Micromasters as four toys, since they were 4 individual characters.

    If I can remember all 144 (and can find the time) I’ll list them properly but off the top of my head I had:

    *(Yellow) Constructicons
    *Autobot Clones
    *Starscream, Ramjet & Dirge
    *Snarl, Sludge & Grimlock
    *Scoop, Landfill & their Targetmasters
    *Spinister, Quake & their Targetmasters
    *Kup & Blurr
    *Cyclonus & Scourge
    *Astrotrain & Octane
    *Springer & Sandstorm
    *Soundwave, Buzzsaw
    *Blaster, Eject, Ramhorn
    *Action Masters: Axer, Starscream, Gutcruncher, Megatron, Slicer
    *Action Masters: Sprocket, Wheeljack, Optimus, Over-Run, Rumbler
    *Tracks, Wheeljack, Inferno, Prowl, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz
    *Seaspray, Tailgate, Pipes
    *Wreck Gar
    *A buttload of Micromasters
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    I forgot one - this thing:

    Does that count as G1? Does it count as anything? I did have the whole thing, but the engine is the only part still around, presumably because it's got the actual electronics in it, so it didn't just get dumped into the toy drawer (I've still got a handful of other rail bits and pieces, mainly an LMS Royal Scot and an XPT, plus a few other engines and carriages that are probably just generic). I remember being vaguely confused by this when I was a child (long before tfwiki was a thing to clear it up) - I mean, it says 'Transformers' on it, but it barely 'transformed' and I couldn't figure out if the little figures were meant to represent any character I could identify...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Kitty Fantastico View Post
    Does that count as G1? Does it count as anything?
    It's definitely G1, which is everything that was made as Transformers before the "Generation 2" line was launched around mid-1993. Or as it was known back then, "Transformers." "Generation 1" was of course a fan term that people made after G2 came out and was never officially used until 2000.

    It's technically a toy, so yeah. Although most people consider the action figures as part of the "proper" Transformers line, so this would more likely be considered as merchandise. But G1 merch nonetheless.


    This is the oldest surviving photo (taken on 25/5/1998) that I have of my original G1 Optimus Prime toy, purchased from Grace Bros. in late August 1985.

    I still have the fists from this toy as thankfully it was separated from the rest of the toy when it was stolen.
    Now you can see that this toy has had much of its chrome scratched off and the right smoke stack was broken. But I didn't care. This was my childhood Optimus Prime and I loved this toy, damn it. Now obviously I have reissues and I was even kindly given a replacement G1 Optimus Prime toy ... and although these toys are all in better condition than the toy that was lost none of them can ever replace it because none of those toys are my childhood Optimus Prime. The reissues were acquired during my adulthood and the G1 Optimus Prime was second hand, so it was someone else's childhood toy.

    This is the thing that I cherish the most about my G1 collection, the fact that they are souvenirs of my childhood. The fact that I can look at old photos of me with my TFs and know that those exact toys are still standing in my collection today. This is why I could never part with these toys or ever replace them. Even when I get reissues or better condition G1s, I cannot offload my original childhood toys. I instead keep them in one mode and the reissues in another.
    e.g. RE: Convoy/Optimus Prime

    The one in truck mode is an original G1. As you can see, it's in better condition than the one that was stolen but it utterly lacks the sentimental value that was lost.
    The ones in robot mode are the 2000 and New Year Special reissues, and of course the black reissue. And yeah, the Autobot cars are a mix of G1s and reissues - Bluestreak being the most obvious Actually both of those Bluestreaks are reissues - the one in robot mode is Commemorative Series and obviously the one in vehicle mode is the lucky draw prize thing. My original G1 Bluestreak is in extremely bad condition (after my cousin sat on him one day when we were kids); that toy is stored in the reissue's box. It's broken but I still keep it for its sentimental value. Same with my G1 Snarl and Dirge -- all too shattered and/or incomplete (again, thanks to other people's carelessness with my toys) to be displayed but I keep those toys in storage because they are my childhood souvenirs. Those are the only ones btw, everything else from my childhood is on open display. I generally made an effort to keep my toys in good condition which is why most of my toys survived my childhood. I have never ever understood why anyone would mistreat a beloved toy. The idea of breaking a toy confounded me when I was a child and continues to confound me today. Oh, and I must confess that both Sunstreakers are original G1s (since that toy has never been re-released since its Classic reissue in 1990). Both of these Sunstreakers were purchased in 1986 - one was mine and the other used to belong to a cousin who later gave it to me. I normally prefer to keep variants over exactly duplicates, but given that the Sunstreaker mould has likely been lost/destroyed (thus making a reissue unlikely) I'll gladly keep these doubles. Ditto Mirage and Long Haul. Otherwise if you see doubles of G1s in my collection pics then you are looking at variants/reissues, not exact doubles.

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