With Japan having a slightly different release schedule for Studio Series, and a completely different numbering system, an online store have posted on facebook, eight more toys for 2020, from February to May.
(four toys are scheduled for January - TF1 Bumblebee, TF2 Arcee, TF2 Mixmaster, TF3 Soundwave... after a huge gap of no Studio Series toys for Japan between August and January)

The notable item is a Voyager class Sentinel Prime, as it hasn't been noted anywhere yet on Hasbro listings or reveals.
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  • SS-44 Deluxe class WW II Hot Rod – February 2020
  • SS-45 Leader class DOTM Shockwave – February 2020
  • SS-46 Voyager class 2007 Megatron – March 2020
  • SS-47 Leader class Constructicon Scavenger – March 2020
  • SS-48 Deluxe class Offroad Bumblebee (Jeep) – April 2020
  • SS-49 Voyager class DOTM Sentinel Prime – April 2020
  • SS-50 Deluxe class DOTM Roadbuster – May 2020
  • SS-51 Voyager class Constructicon Scrapper – May 2020