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Thread: TR Headmaster loose neck joint.

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    Default TR Headmaster loose neck joint.

    I finally got my LG-EX Big Powered. The tank bot has a very loose neck. If I disassemble the Headmaster to put nail polish on the joint is there anything I should be aware of? ie: easily lost or damaged parts, hard to reassemble, etc?

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    Is it the port that's not holding the head in place or the ball joint on the Titan Master mini-figure? The actual port on the main body is like a C clip which you can loose.

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    If its the headmaster's own neck (as in the mini bot) try tightening the chest screw and see if that helps, if not unscrew and floor polish the balljoint.

    The things to watch out for when taking it apart is its own little head and the screw, the head can be slid out once the chest screw is undone allowing the face from its back to be removed (another thing you can lose), nothing needs to click or snap into place because its the headmasters backface that holds it together

    If its the main body (as in the main vehicle in which the headmaster sits in) a cheap ghetto fix is to use some plastic cut up from blister packs and stuff them in the sides, worked with my TR scourge (about one fold thickness works best, just cut to size)

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