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Thread: Toy Review - Siege Galactic Man Shockwave

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    Default Toy Review - Siege Galactic Man Shockwave

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Siege
    Hypo-line - War for Cybertron
    Size/class - Leader
    New/remould/redeco - Recolour of Siege Shockwave
    Wave - N/A
    Released here - No (Selects exclusive)
    Approximate Retail Price - $95
    Approximate Size - 15.7cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-mode - spaceship
    Main Features/Gimmicks - light piping
    Main Colours - charcoal grey
    Main Accessories - detachable armour

    This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of us who grew up with Transformers in the 80s in Australia, this holds a special place in our hearts. For those of you who may be too young to remember the 80s, Shockwave was never released here, but we did get "Astro Magnum" available at Tandy stores. And so this toy became the Shockwave toy for many of us, and as such, this deco has a special meaning for me. I'm not a fan of the "Galactic Man" writing on the chest as the Tandy "Shackwave" never had that. I personally wish that the hands and chest window would be red as per the Tandy version, but I understand that it's approximating the clear hands from the original Astro Magnum and Galactic Man toys. I would ordinarily take to scrubbing off the "Galactic Man" text off of the chest, but I just don't know if I should do it on a limited exclusive toy like this. I've covered it up with stickers for now...

    The box has the word "WAR" written in Autobotese on the front. Don't know why it couldn't have been written in Decepticonese. <shrugs>

    On tray

    I've long since offloaded my Tandy "Shackwave" but here's the only surviving pic I have of him next to Siege Galactic Man.

    More comparison piccies...

    Stand alone pics...

    I tried adding a Decepticon logo to the right forearm

    But I later put some stickers to cover up the "Galactic Man" text and moved the Decepticon logo to the chest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
    That looks really good, Gok. The sticker beneath the Decepticon logo matches the paint apps on the chest really well.

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    Gok, (if possible) you could add further to this thread by showing photos of Siege Soundblaster next to this new (and always impressive) Shockwave.

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