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Thread: Target sale SEPT 19 to OCT 9

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    Default Target sale SEPT 19 to OCT 9

    Not really much to note with Transformers, but Target does have 20% off Lego for this two week sale.

    For Transformers (on page 30 of the catalogue) they have two items that are being advertised at full price, one item that is on sale to be at Kmart's regular price, and one item that is still more expensive than Myer's current sale.

    Siege Micromasters - $19 (no saving)
    Cyberverse 1-step - $19 (no saving)
    Siege Deluxe - $29 (save $5)
    Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class - $25 (save $4)

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    this worked out well for me, I was in Target yesterday and checked, the first time I've seen a Refractor on the shelf and picked it up for $29. which is what it should cost anyway. I didn't' even realize there was a sale on.
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