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Thread: Toy Review - Siege Omega Supreme

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    Default Toy Review - Siege Omega Supreme

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Siege
    Hypo-line - War for Cybertron
    Size/class - Titan
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Released here - Not Yet
    Approximate Retail Price - $260(AU)

    Apologies everyone, when I can figure out how to get pics back on this site will pop them up. In the meantime you can see tons of pics here.

    Unlike Metroplex and Fort Max, Omega Supreme gives a real sense of bulk. Good thick lower legs and arms and a massive torso, just like one would hope for. Add to this the two cannon arms, track-wings, translucent visor and faithfulcolour scheme and there is no mistaking who this big boy is supposed to be. Something I think is an excellent addition is the fact that they have made his claw arm prehensile, as in the claws can bend in the middle in order better grab things. In fact, whilst not as good as some other toys, this Omega has the best articulation of any toy of his namesake, with shoulders, elbows, knees and neck all moveable to put him in a variety of poses. Omega is packing a ton of firepower in robot mode. As well as having a huge blaster on the end of each arm, he has his signature tank cannon in the back of his head which can be swivelled around. On his upper chest he has two cannons, these can be folded upwards to reveal further missile racks underneath.

    It’s really a nice looking base and I love the fact that it comes with two little inner ramps that Micromaster figures can drive up and down. The missile racks are displayed here so that the base can defend itself and one thing I really like is how the track is both elevated as well as being wide enough to accommodate the tank. The feet of the robot can fold out to show little caverns for Micromasters to hide in, though personally I prefer to keep them folded up to keep that oval shape. The tank cannon that is on the back of Omega’s head is actually not the same tank cannon here, this one is way larger. It’s a great looking tank, though not motorized like the original. The tank can open up to reveal a space for Micromasters, though I would have preferred they make the ramp smoother so that the little guys can actually roll out of him properly, rather than bump their way down. Made up primarily of the arms and a thin panel along the back, it’s amazing just the length this rocket reaches, making it as tall as Omega is in his robot mode! The transformation is very clever, wrapping around circular parts and the top of the rocket opens up to show a small cockpit for Micromaster figures.

    Worth Getting?
    Definetly! Go get him - he is awesome!


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    The best Titan to date by a huge margin. I have no particular fondness for the character or the G1 toy, but this guy is one of my favourite TFs of recent years.

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    In box

    Robot mode. Not the biggest fan of the black scorch marks. Might end up removing them later.

    Rocket base

    Tank has storage for Countdown. I'm very appreciative of how the tank turret isn't just the head. It's clever how they split it up, but the trade-off is a complete lack of any turret articulation. Also the front part of the turret doesn't seem to sit flush against Omega's head... unless I'm doing something wrong here...

    Micromaster garage

    Rocket cockpit has an impressive amount of sculpted detail


    Another shot of the rocket base


    Comparison with G1 (Omega Supreme)

    Robot mode striking a pose

    A surprisingly well balanced toy

    Light piped eyes

    The iron giant

    Robot attack mode

    Back of robot mode. I like how they sculpted in faux rear leg clips, lol.

    Comparison with G1 (Countdown, robot)

    Comparison with G1 (Countdown, lunar buggy)

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    More pics now taken in daylight.

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