I was thinking about how the Transformers brand brings some pretty over-the-top toys into existence. But that also got me thinking about all the crazy toys that could exist but never have. It culminated in the following imaginary gimmick-laden tribute toy and I was wondering if anyone out there had other such flights-of-fancy. I give you the leader class Six Changer Optimus Prime!

Mode 1: A robot referencing the Power Master Optimus Prime super robot.

Mode 2: An ape referencing Transmetals Optimus Primal.

Mode 3: A 'tractor-trailer' referencing the original Battle Convoy albeit as one unit.

Mode 4: A cargo plane loosely inspired by the Action Master Optimus Prime shuttle component.

Mode 5: A fire station loosely inspired by the Robots In Disguise (2001) Optimus Prime base mode.

Mode 6: A child-scaled carry case for role-playing or storage. Everything that comes with the toy except its packaging can be stored in this mode.

- A fire-engine version of Roller that also serves as a light-and-sound module for the various modes.
- A mini-figure that transforms into the Matrix and fits into chest of super-robot. Can also ride the ape, drive the truck, pilot the plane, staff the fire station tower, and act as the key for the carry case.
- A gun that transforms into a sword.
- Instructions
- Mini-Comic
- Tech-Specs Collector Card

This is the sort of thing I think about while staring out of a train window.