This just gives all of us Transformers fans a bad image among the general population, particularly with us already being seen as grown-ups collecting "kids" toys.

Over in Canada, police have arrested a 37 year old man who was buying items at department stores (like Walmart) by sticking barcodes he printed out, over the packaging barcode, so that it would scan up at registers for items that were significantly cheaper. He would then resell the toys (and DVD boxsets) online for profit.
(it doesn't say that he is a Transformers fan, but since he was mostly stealing Transformers toys, he would have to have some sort of familiarity with the Brand, otherwise he would have been stealing a variety of toylines, or the more famous ones like Star Wars or Lego - my guess is that he started stealing them for his own collection, and then realised how easy it was, so decided to make some money from it).

I was hearing about this being done some time ago (printing up barcodes to stick on items before buying them), in which something really cheap like a Botbots barcode stuck on a Leader class toy, which would be a 90% saving. People at the register wouldn't know the product to know that it was too cheap, but it would still say "Transformers" on the register screen. With self-checkouts taking over from humans in most department stores in Australia now, it would be even easier to do it here.

(the name of the Canadian city is indeed Medicine Hat... which actually comes from the feathered headpiece of the local native people's Medicine Man)