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Thread: Toy Review - Cyberverse Scraplet

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    Default Toy Review - Cyberverse Scraplet

    Series - Cyberverse
    Sub-line - Power of the Spark
    Size/class - Scout
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - 4
    Released here - Yes
    Approximate Retail Price - $10
    Approximate Size - 5cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-mode - Scraplet
    Main Features/Gimmicks - Saw Tooth Spin
    Main Colours - silver, grey, black
    Main Accessories - N/A

    Until now I've had zero interest in the Cyberverse Scouts since they're terrible Transformers, but with Scraplet it works since it was never a true Transformer to begin with. Thankfully the alt mode, which is the Scraplet, is done well. The robot mode is silly - basically just the Scraplet standing up, but who cares? The chomping gimmick with the spinning rows of circular teeth is awesome and loads of fun, and the lower jaw can open to give the Scraplet and even bigger bite. The weathering is actually done better on this toy than the "battle damage" on any Siege figure!

    This toy has character and is heaps of fun to play with. Highly recommended.

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    I picked up one for $8 at the Big W toy sale. Shame it was the only one on the peg as I’d like a swarm of at least 3.

    Not sure it’s worth $10 but was certainly worth 8 bucks for a vicious little piece of Cybertronian fauna
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    I bought this at the regular Cyberverse price, but my local Big W just happened to have a restock on the weekend and I was able to get two more for $8 each. Scout class toys in this line are pretty carp gimmicky pieces of soon-to-break plastic. But this one is actually FUN to play with. And I'm thrilled to have more than one now to display. I can't keep but opening his mouth to see the spinning disc, so I'm sure that 3 is going to whittle down to 2 and eventually 1.
    On the lookout for MISB Headmaster Highbrow, Takara or Hasbro. I'm sure I could make you a sweet deal!

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