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    Default The Toy Box TV show

    I came across this a couple weeks ago on TV and forgot about it until I saw it again today.
    On channel 9-Go, at about 2pm (Saturday), they were showing a reality show called the Toy Box, which is a bit like Dragons Den/Shark Tank, in which people submit their toy concepts to a panel and judges... and the winner of the season, gets their toy produced and sold at ToysRUs in America.

    Yes, ToysRus... even though this show is only 2 years old (produced in 2017), it was being funded by ToysRUs and Mattel, so when ToysRUs collapsed, the show didn't get a third season.

    The format is pretty basic, you have the contestants bring their toy ideas to a panel of three adult judges, who vote on what items go to the second panel of kid judges... who decide on the winning toy of that episode. In the eighth episode of the season, those winning toys are revisited and an overall winner is chosen.
    A number of toys (winning toys and runner-up toys) were apparently produced by Mattel in the end, but probably didn't make it to ToysRUs before they collapsed.

    It doesn't go into too much detail about the toy industry, but you do get some tidbits about elements of toy production and requirements, for those really interested in toys in general. Unfortunately since it was produced with Mattel, various props around the set are all Mattel toys, and they can't talk about toys in general, or other toylines when using examples.

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    I saw that too - the episode that started with the lady with the Butterfly Book, where she lasted like three questions before having a freakout where I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd pulled open her blouse and had bricks of C4 strapped to her?

    (I did briefly daydream about being a contestant, and just bringing in a Masters of the Universe Classics figure, so they'd be like "That's a He-Man, we make those already." "Yeah." "So what's your idea?" "Put them on store shelves instead of just your trainwreck of a website, you animals!" Then attack them with a replica Sword of Power, it'd make great tv.)

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