Posted up on our facebook page on the weekend is a photo of the first wave of the new Cyberverse Deluxe toys, which come with parts to build the Maccadam character from the Cyberverse cartoon.
They were found in a Toyworld store in North Queensland, and were seen listed on the NZ site Mighty Ape (who get their stock from Hasbro Australia).
They were $40 at both places, and since they are bigger than Warriors (and packed in boxes), they are likely to be more than Cyberverse Warriors if they show up at any of the major retailers.

This should mean that they will appear at major retailers soon, if they are getting them.

On a related note, another minor store (Uncle Petes) that should be getting their stock from Hasbro Australia, had been found to have the new Studio Series Deluxe and Voyagers (Hotrod, TF1 Bumblebee, Soundwave, Triplets, Mixmaster, TF1 Megatron)... which should also mean they will appear at major retailers soon.