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Thread: 2019 Ozformer Awards results

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    Default 2019 Ozformer Awards results

    2019 has been described as "a fantastic year" and "a wonderful time to be a fan". "Siege has proven to be an exceptional toy line", "getting better and better" and "an unbelievably great step in the right direction" but perhaps "too many exclusives" and many "not available outside of the US" making it "a very Expensive Year". Masterpiece has been a bit more divisive with fans noting "high prices" and wanting more "unreleased G1 characters".

    Here's what the votes said were our community's favourites.

    All Time Favourites

    Favourite Heroic Transformer Character Ever
    Winner: Optimus Prime (29%)
    Runner-ups: Wheelie (7%), Ultra Magnus (6%)

    Favourite Heroic Transformer Toy Ever
    Winner: MP-10 Optimus Prime/Convoy (11%)
    Runner-ups: G1 Jetfire (9%), G1 Optimus Prime (6%)

    Favourite Evil Transformer Character Ever
    Winner: G1 Megatron (17%)
    Runner-ups: Soundwave (14%), Starscream (10%)

    Favourite Evil Transformer Toy Ever
    Winner: MP-13 Soundwave (15%)
    Runner-ups: MP-36 Megatron (10%), G1 Soundwave (8%)

    Favourite Transformers Allegiance
    Winner: Autobot (52%)
    Runner-ups: Decepticon (29%), Maximal (8%)

    Toys - Siege

    Favourite Battlemaster
    Winner: Smashdown (27%)
    Runner-ups: Rung (19%), Pteraxadon (13%)

    Favourite Micromaster
    Winner: Laserbeak (31%)
    Runner-ups: Ratbat (11%), Red Heat (9%)

    Favourite Deluxe
    Winner: Refraktor (19%)
    Runner-ups: Sixgun (13%), Spinister (10%)

    Favourite Voyager
    Winner: Springer (34%)
    Runner-ups: Optimus Prime (17%), Soundwave (12%)

    Favourite Leader
    Winner: Ultra Magnus (40%)
    Runner-ups: Shockwave (29%), Astrotrain (17%)

    Commander Class Jetfire
    4.5 Average rating, most popular rating: 5 Star (60%)

    Titan Class Omega Supreme
    4.5 Average rating, most popular rating: 5 Star (72%)

    Favourite Generations Select figure
    Winner: Smokescreen (22%)
    Runner-ups: Nightbird (19%), Hot Shot (12%)

    Favourite other exclusive release
    Winner: Ectotron (31%)
    Runner-ups: Autobot Ratchet (12%), Micromaster 10-pack (10%)

    Toys - Studio Series

    Favourite Deluxe
    Winner: Dropkick (car) (18%)
    Runner-ups: Cogman (15%), Scrapmetal (11%)

    Favourite Voyager
    Winner: Optimus Prime (71%)
    Runner-ups: Long Haul and Rampage (9% each)

    Favourite Leader
    Winner: Megatron (56%)
    Runner-ups: Jetfire (24%), Optimus Prime (19%)

    Toys - Other

    Favourite 2019 Rescue Bots toy
    Winners: Grimlock, Hotshot, and Whirl (29% each)

    Favourite 2019 Cyberverse toy
    Winner: Warrior Soundwave (26%)
    Runner-ups: Scout Shadow Striker (12%), Ultra Slipstream (12%)

    Favourite 2019 Cyberverse Power of the Spark toy
    Winner: Warrior Gnaw (31%)
    Runner-ups: Scout Scraplet (21%), Warrior Jetfire (17%)

    Favourite 2019 Cyberverse Spark Armor toy
    Winner: Sky Byte w/ Driller Drive (18%)
    Runner-ups: Jetfire w/ Tank Cannon (16%), Ark Power Optimus Prime w/ Ark (14%)

    Favourite BotBots toy series 1
    Winner: Bonz-eye (plant/bot) (12%)
    Runner-ups: Burgertron (burger/bot) and Frostferatu (cupcake/vampire) (8% each)

    Favourite BotBots toy series 2
    Winner: Hamurai (mouldy ham/samurai with sword) (20%)
    Runner-ups: Abominable Soundman (headphones/gorilla), Overpack (backpack/bot) and Steve From Accounting (stapler/bot) (9% each)

    Favourite BotBots toy series 3
    Winner: Smooth Shaker (marracas/skeleton) (11%)
    Runner-ups: Quackles (rubber ducky/bot) (9%), Clawsome (clawgrab machine/bot), Fail Polish (nail polish/bot), Grave Rave (headstone/bot) and Trisourtops (mouldy orange/dino) (6% each)

    Favourite Masterpiece figure (G1)
    Winner: MP-44 Convoy (39%)
    Runner-ups: MP-36+ Megatron (24%), MP-10G Optimus Prime (Ghostbusters) (18%)

    Favourite Masterpiece figure (Beast Wars)
    Winner: MP-43 Megatron (67%)
    Runner-up: MP-46 Blackwidow (33%)

    Favourite Masterpiece figure (Movie)
    Winner: MPM-9 Autobot Jazz (64%)
    Runner-up: MPM-8 Megatron (35%)


    Opinion of the 2019 IDW comics
    3.5 Average rating, most popular ratings: 3 star and 4 star (29% each)

    Opinion of the Rescue Bots Academy TV show
    3.1 Average rating, most popular rating: 3 star (40%)

    Opinion of the Cyberverse TV show
    3.4 Average rating, most popular rating: 3 star (37%)


    Best local news of 2019
    Winner: Zing getting TF exclusives (Ecotron/Unicron/Seacons/MPs) (59%)
    Runner-ups: WFC Siege released (27%), New cartoons airing locally (5%)

    Best global news of 2019
    Winner: Fan-backed Unicron to be produced (67%)
    Runner-ups: War for Cybertron cartoon for Netflix in 2020 (14%), Transformers Manga translation (6%)

    Best reveal of an unreleased figure
    Winner: Unicron (50%)
    Runner-ups: Takara Raiden tease (18%), King Posedion (12%)

    Favourite online store/dealer
    Winner: Toybotz Imports (18%)
    Runner-ups: Amazon (15%), Oh My Primus (9%)

    Favourite third party release of 2019
    Winner: Fanstoys Roadking (13%)
    Runner-up: Nicee (10%)

    Favourite Acquistion Topic Title of 2019
    Winner: May-all-your-purchases-be-MISB! (BigTransformerTrev) (32%)
    Runner-ups: July Acquisitions (Magnus) (13%), April's Amazing Amassment of AWESOMENESS (Sharky) and Delicious December Drops (Omega Metro) (9% each)

    Favourite OTCA creative person
    Winner: Snaketales (32%)
    Runner-ups: M-Bot and Miss Kitty Fantastico (10% each)

    Ozformer Member of the Year
    Winners: Griffin (23%)
    Runner-ups: Paulbot (11%), UltraMarginal (9%)
    Other members receving multiple votes: BigTransformerTrev, GoktimusPrime, Raider, Sinnertwin and The Phantom

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    Wow. Some pretty interesting results there! Wheelie just nudging Magnus for second most heroic transformer ever! And griffin being OOTY again!

    Also interesting to see that TBI won the favourite dealer.

    Thanks again for running it Paulbot. May I ask how many votes this attracts on average each year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent View Post
    Wow. Some pretty interesting results there! Wheelie just nudging Magnus for second most heroic transformer ever! And griffin being OOTY again!

    Also interesting to see that TBI won the favourite dealer.
    I think you spelt TBIs name incorrectly

    Way to go Trev on getting the Thread name win, Griffin on Member of the Year (kinda picked that one although yay to me for an honourable mention) and Snaketales for the customs.

    Good work as always Paulbot.

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    Yeah would be keen to see how many voted in the poll. Also how did Nicee get runner up, it's not even released yet?!?

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    Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups. Except Toybotz Imports...

    Quote Originally Posted by graza78 View Post
    Also how did Nicee get runner up, it's not even released yet?!?
    Yeah, I was about to post that too. I think some fans are just way too exceeded by that figure...
    Which brings us to where we are today...

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    Well done once again Paul, congrats Griffin for OTCA Member of the year.
    some interesting results, all of the customizers again have done a cracking job this year, quite possibly one of my favourite sections of the board.
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    Thanks once again Paulbot, for the work you put into this. Even if my favourites don't win, it is interesting to see where the interest is among my fellow Australian fans.

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    Minor correction after retallying the vote. In the Favourite online store/dealer caterogy Toybot Importz received 21% of the vote and Oh My Primus actually shared 9% of the vote with The Little Toy Company.

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    Congrats to everyone who polled a place and thanks to those who voted

    I’m tipping Uncle Pete’s for favourite retailer next year (unless someone stupendous shows up, that’s where my vote is going)

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    Thank you Paulbot for creating the poll and congrats to the winners. Also interesting I got "multiple votes" for member of the year. Although far from a win, I'm relatively new here so it's appreciated whoever did vote.
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