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Thread: A late introduction

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    Default A late introduction

    Hey, my name's Zixxy! (or Sean, take your pick!)

    I've grown up with the toys since I was a kid, with my battered, bruised and almost complete Blazing lockdown being my most cherished and remembered (Curse those toes and that detachable saw ☹️)

    I'm a lover of the more visually and physically interesting toys, with the original movie, ROFT and Animated lines being my favourites with their wacky designs (G1 is cool... But boxes start to get boring after a while :P)

    My favourite toys at the moment are animated Blitzwing, CHUG Lugnut and 2007 Evac

    I'm not a big consumer of the transformers media, I only remember watching a tiny bit of animated and briefly remember a bit of the original movie, but still, the franchise is close to my heart, I still wear the same transformers jacket I got when I was 8, even if it was massively oversized back then!

    But to conclude, it's wonderful being here and chatting to you folk's, you all seem like a wonderful group peeps to chill out with

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    Welcome to Ozformers! Always great to see new active members. Post up some pics of your collection when you get a chance

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