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Thread: TFSAFARI - Free Shipment to Australia (Official Line: GS Seacons and etc.)

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    Default TFSAFARI - Free Shipment to Australia (Official Line: GS Seacons and etc.)

    Hi there,

    We are an online store focusing on Transformation Robots figures, We are based in China and we offer competitive price and complete FREE SHIPMENT to Australia w/o limitation.

    As below are some of our recent products on shelf in official line (All in stock), Click each link to see details at our web.

    Generation Selects Star Convoy USD64.99 (AUD99)

    Generation Selects Seacons Turtler #1 USD79.99 (AUD122)

    Generation Selects Seacons Gulf #2 USD49.99 (AUD76)

    Generation Selects Seacons Kraken #3 USD49.99 (AUD76)

    Generation Selects Seacons Lobclaw #4 USD49.99 (AUD76)

    MP10 Optimus Prime Ghost Buster Version USD189.99 (AUD290)

    LG59 Blitzwing USD44.99 (AUD69)

    LG60 Overlord USD54.99 (AUD84)
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    TFSAFARI is an online store of 3rd party transformers (including 4th party) and other action figures. We used to deal in domestic Asian market only and now we want to bring fun to collectors all around the world.

    Click for special discount coupon code (everyone new with us): TFSAFARI Special Discount Link(Use this link and discount would be done automatically at checkout.)

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