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Thread: Toy Review - Earthrise Ironworks

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    9th Aug 2018
    Allendale North, SA


    I nabbed Ironworks at the same time as Cliffjumper. He's a great little toy with a lot of variety. Love his robot mode, makes a great Micromaster base mode (consequently now I want more micromasters! Dang marketing strategy works!) and his armour/weapon mode is really neat too.

    I'm loving these little "Weaponisers/Modulators" that they are producing. It gives a really fresh take on Transformers and adds in some more creativity and imagination into the mix. Kids must have a ball with them.

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    30th Dec 2007
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    I nabbed mine the other day and man he is fun. I haven't even bothered making him into the armour mode yet either! So I still have that to look forward to. I really like his design, it looks pretty industrial and would be great when he has some base pals to join with. Robot mode has cool articulation and is a lot of fun to play with. I too want some more micromasters. But my experience with the modern ones haven't been so good, so am less inclined to get them. Looking at other smal transformers.

    It annoys me that the connector pieces don't connect with my legends /TR figures, a rather large oversight I feel. I hope there are more than just two of these guys coming out.

    One annoyance with him though, when I fold his thighs into his calves, they get stuck in really well. I will bend a finger nail before getting them suckers out. Is that just mine?

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