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Thread: Siege Autoceptor (who?)

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    Default Siege Autoceptor (who?)

    So I was browsing through the lineups of 84 and 85 bots the other day (mainly to remind myself which was which, now I've had to split the Autobots onto two shelves by year), and down in the 'and the rest' section found Autoceptor, who I realised wasn't a million miles away from Stakeout or whatever his name is, who I got a while back just because the two-pack of him and some fire engine was cheap and I wanted to see what they'd look like in gun mode wielded by Ironhide (spoiler: not good). One hacksaw later:

    I did dismantle the whole thing just to get other stuff out of the way while I was cutting, but apart from the bonnet he's back together same as he was to begin with, just with the arms and legs popped off and put on backwards and the head swivelled around. I may actually put the legs back the way they were, since the hollow shins would kind of match how the original toy looked (and with the bonnet plugged into what used to be his chest, he is kind of back-heavy so the 'heels' would help). Bit of black paint on the head wouldn't go amiss next time I'm painting anything (my long postponed repaint-Chromia-as-Tara project, probably) but for a cheap little job I'm pretty happy with how it turned out already.

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    Clever idea.

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