Japan ended it's "Lockdown" yesterday/today. As much as it was. I think it did have an effect, at the very least scaring people into being more careful. However I am very concerned that now it's off, people will resume as if nothing happened.
reading around a few news sites, there seems to be lots of comments from people interviewed (on the street) that they are glad the emergency declaration is over as they want their kids back at school/ eat some food they couldn't get during the lockdown etc. These could well be selectively chosen comments, but it feels like people didn't understand the emergency. Interestingly it seems that many Japanese families are held together by not being together.

The fact that Japan has weathered it with rather low numbers (it has been extremely hard to get tested here though) but even low death rates , is a matter of luck over planning.

During the lockdown, I was allowed to work from home, and as one of the youngest/most computer savvy in the place, was actually able to work from home. I suspect that most others weren't and just had days ff (lucky them). However now it's over the boss has said no more teleworking. Now considering that my boss is actually a smart, strategic dude with a wealth of experience in Japan and overseas, and he has cancelled all work from home options, It makes me think less progressive companies will just go back as per normal.

i wonder if Japan's "Second wave" will be much larger than the first.