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    Default Action Master Megatron

    Next in my series of Action Masters is Megatron. As with many of the others in this series, it's based on an abandoned Botcon concept.

    Made from a TR Sixshot, with a Megatron Titan Master replacing his usual face/head (from a voyager triple changer Megatron that used the Blitzwing mould). Otherwise, it's another complete repaint, using SMS lacquers and offcuts from old Toyhax sticker sheets which I've found really good for covering up rub points! He can transform into all modes but the tank mode is the most reminiscent of the original toy, and it's the easiest mode to transform into from robot mode.

    Some photos taken by @shadow.maru00 on FB and IG, used with permission.

    Another Action Master to reveal in the next few days!

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    It looks amazing.

    Also, I had no idea these were even planned/considered. So i googled, and found Botcon 2017 Funpub concepts and customs. Wow.
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    Saw this on Facebook, looks great but have you tried using TR Sky Shadow's titan master? It has a lot of the same angles as Megatron's face, the voyager one you're using reminds me of BM Megatron in the Optimal Optimus body.

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