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Thread: Target sale prices

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    Default Target sale prices

    Target catalogue (page 7) came with:

    Earthrise Voyagers $44 ($5 off)
    Cyberverse Deluxe $34 ($5 off)
    BotBot $12 ($3 off)

    Prices worth staying home for

    Also 20% of Lego

    Sale prices from 26 March to 26 April

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    Considering BigW's sale prices for two of Target's items are cheaper (until April 15th), it really is just the Botbots 5-pack to worry about... and most Targets are still stuck with series 2 or 3.
    Not that we should be going to the stores for toys at the moment, but offering sale prices on non-essentials at this time is probably a bad thing, as it will encourage people to go out to places more than they should be. If only they didn't have random assortments online, then it would be worthwhile.
    (and yet, the major grocery stores aren't offering too many discounts at this time, and even said so in a recent email)

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