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Thread: Late G1 Constructicons (Fan Profiles)

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    Default Late G1 Constructicons (Fan Profiles)

    As many of us know, the Late G1 Constructicons released in 1992 were never given individual names or profiles by Hasbro. So I've taken the liberty of creating names and bios for each of them.

    P.S.: Desmond is the de facto team leader.

    P.P.S.: List of Easter Eggs (did you spot them all?)
    * Big Horn's bio is practically the same as Beast Wars Bonecrusher. The love for yellow flowers is a reference to Beast Wars Big Horn (repaint of Bonecrusher), who likes red flowers. So does G1 Big Horn became BW Bonecrusher or Big Horn? You decide!
    * Big Horn's relentless charging is similar to how African elephants were deployed in combat, and the way that the Autobots counters the charge by simply getting out of the way is the same as how the Romans would counteract an elephant charge (intended to break their formations).
    * Desmond is an unashamed Gary Stew. His sole weakness is a reference to this Constructicon team's inability to combine (as Hasbro tooled out their combining parts and did not include Devastator accessories).
    * Eviscerater's bio is based on Snake-Eyes from G.I. Joe, although he is mute by choice.
    * Heavy Lode's name is based on Robots In Disguise Heavy Load, only with "Load" changed to "Lode" to denote the fact that had this team been able to combine, she would have formed the core of the gestalt robot. Her poor mental state represents reflects the feeling of G1 fans about a set of Constructicons released without the ability to combine.
    * Hooks' name is a reference to Transformers fan James Hooks, whose name was also the inspiration for "sub-sector Hooks," a designation for an area on Earth by the time of the Beast Wars. Hooks' bio retcons that he was the one who discovered and assigned his own name to that area used on Maximal and Predacon maps.
    * Ventus Lamina's Ant-Man like growing and shrinking ability is a joke based on the fact that, on the card art shared by all of the Late G1 Constructicons, this Constructicon's image is the largest and most prominent. It is meant to be showing this one in the foreground and the others in the background, but I decided to take it literally as showing Ventus in giant form.
    * Ventus Lamina is Latin for "Windblade."
    * Ventus Lamina is also gender neutral. This is because "ventus" is a masculine noun (there is no feminine form) and "lamina" is a feminine noun (no masculine form). This is different from words like "optimus" or "ultra" which have masculine, neutral and feminine forms - ventus and lamina are "gender locked" words. As a result I decided to make Ventus gender neutral. It's also a reference to the fact that Transformers really have no genders, and that genders really exist for the benefit of the human audience. Thus Ventus rejects gender. It was tricky writing Ventus' bio (and even this blurb!) without using pronouns (because English has no gender-neutral pronouns).
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