Just a quick summary of my thoughts on the combined form of Generations Selects King Poseidon

The pros
1. Looks amazing. Colours actually seem fairly well co-ordinated if you use Tentakil and Gulf as the legs since it keeps a pink and blue theme to the legs with a black and green theme to the arms

2. Has all the usual CW articulation. The re-done fists are pretty good and the foot plates look nice. Attaching the unused fists to the foot plates do make the foot pads a little too long

3. The trident is great

4. Give TT credit. All these Seacons are well done remolds to properly reflect the G1 Seacons. There was a lot of love and design planning that went into this. Its not the typical CW "milk the mold" philosophy that led to a lot of sub-par limbs [think slapping Smokescreen's head on the Dead End mold and passing it off as Smokescreen].

The cons
1. The 6th Seacon being used as a gun is too heavy and at least on my figure the gun cant be lifted upwards as the waist joint on Kraken and Lobclaw are too weak to hold the weight of the gun. Perhaps other configurations can hold the gun with the elbow flexed but I doubt it'll stay up over time. The gun also kind of overbalances the figure and limits posing. Its nice they included Overbite as an interchangeable deluxe limb [which is true to the original G1 figure] but functionally a legends-size Overbite [like Powerglide for CW Superion] would have been a better scale for posing. I'm well aware though that TT did an amazing job with the individual Seacons to give them essentially 5 modes [Robot, sea creature, arm, leg and gun]. Those who like interchanging limbs will be happy they kept Overbite at Deluxe scale

2. The combiner port sockets on the torso which allow connection of the leg limbs aren't very tight on my figure. I don't remember them being this loose on the various Silverbolt-torso derivatives. This was noted on the PrimeVsPrime youtube review. It only really causes a problem when trying to pose the combiner in a "lunging forward" position with the hip flexed forward and the knee flexed down. The combiner peg on the leg limb tends to pop out in this position

Overall I've always been a combiner fanatic so King Poseidon is a must-have for my collection. However this figure is so expensive it's a 50:50 on whether it's worth it.