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It would be interesting to weigh titan class figures and see what kind of numbers we get. I understand that Combiner Wars Devastator is blocky with a lot of hollow parts, so despite being taller, it wouldn't surprise me if the two weighed the same. Even if the other titans weighed a bit more, they might feel lighter because they aren't as dense as Studio Series Devastator.
I daresay the SS will weigh more and also why I'm glad that they decided to split the SS Constructicons up rather than do them as a giftset at the standard Titan price point of $300aud. I imagine there would have been a lot more compromises, hollow parts, etc than there is already. I am aware that a box set is coming out, but this is after the fact and from what I understand it will not be cheap! So as painful as the wait was I think in the long run we've benefited for it and those coming on board now can grab the giftset anyway.