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Thread: Bumblebee Earthrise Preorder Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
    I went with ActionRobo for my Bumblebee preorder.
    Since I don't know much about about them, but they have some favorable reviews, this should be a safe choice I hope.
    I'm not so much concerned about when I get my Bugbee, just that I will be guaranteed one.

    Mostly it's just insurance, if my local Kmart fails to get Bugbee in (highly likely), then ActionRobo will do what they failed to.
    I honestly don't know what is wrong with my local Kmart, other Australians keep talking about getting their Sky Lynx, Optimus, sometimes even a Scorponok and I'm like, all my Kmart has is an empty section that they've never bothered to restock.
    They never had the bigger ones at all, as far as I can tell, Grapple is as big as I have seen from them.
    Even asked the BigW stock manager (personally, in store) if they'd get Sky Lynx, the only answer I got was "I don't know".
    I've used ActionRobo a lot in the past, especially been able to pick up some random chug stuff, as well as 3P and GenSelects stuff.

    As for BugBee, if I see him at a local store, I'll grab him but otherwise my Tak Legends one will do me fine (I'm finally used to the slightly pastel yellow).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akky82 View Post
    I've used ActionRobo a lot in the past, especially been able to pick up some random chug stuff, as well as 3P and GenSelects stuff.
    I'm currently looking at ordering from ActionRobo since they seem to be the only online store I can find that has SS44 in stock. Do you know if they can ship to a Parcel Locker? And do you still have to pay GST or is factored in already?

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    I don't know about Parcel Lockers, as I use ShopMate to secure my international deliveries.

    But I did notice that Australia Post did charge me the GST on the value of the goods when importing them.
    The cost of the item, not the cost of the service they provided.
    I do not know if that applies to regular deliveries not using the ShopMate service.

    But I did start to wonder if that wasn't exactly ethical, according to my transactions with eBay, I pay American sales tax on whatever I buy, so in actuality, I am paying 2x the sales tax.
    Not sure if taxing someone twice for one purchase is appropriate, but financial law is not my strong suit.

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