Starting on Tuesday August 18th, on channel 9-Go (channel 99 in most cities) at 7am, is the 3rd and final season of the Cyberverse cartoon.

With 2 episodes every day, we will actually see the final 3 episodes here before they are posted up on the Hasbro youtube channel (if anyone here has been watching them on there in the last five months).

The screening order, if they don't jumble up the order, or change the screening days...

AUG 18
s3e01 - The Battle For Cybertron – Part 1
s3e02 - The Battle For Cybertron – Part 2

AUG 19
s3e03 - The Battle For Cybertron – Part 3
s3e04 - The Battle For Cybertron – Part 4

AUG 20
s3e05 - The Loop
s3e06 - The Dead End

AUG 21
s3e07 - The Sleeper
s3e08 - The Citizen

AUG 24
s3e09 - The Trial
s3e10 - The Prisoner

AUG 25
s3e11 - The Scientist
s3e12 - The Alliance

AUG 26
s3e13 - The Judge
s3e14 - The End Of The Universe – Part 1

AUG 27
s3e15 - The End Of The Universe – Part 2
s3e16 - The End Of The Universe – Part 3

AUG 28
s3e17 - The End Of The Universe – Part 4
s3e18 - Enemy Line

AUG 31
s3e19 - Thunderhowl
s3e20 - Wild Wild Wheel

s3e21 - Alien Hunt! With Meteorfire And Cosmos
s3e22 - Journey To The Valley Of Repugnus

s3e23 - Rack N’ Ruin N’ Ratchet
s3e24 - Dweller In The Depths

s3e25 - Silent Strike
s3e26 - The Other One

The interesting thing is that at the 7am timeslot on the weekends we have the 2nd (and final) season of the Rescue Bots Academy cartoon, which means we have Transformers cartoons on EVERY weekday at 7am. However, the Rescue Bots cartoon isn't screening those episodes in order (it shouldn't matter as much as the Cyberverse cartoon, as the episode stories aren't as continuous as the Cyberverse season).