As the title says, to go with the existing board rules... straight KOs of legit toys is not allowed to be sold, wanted, or promoted here, even in this section.

Resized KOs - I would prefer that they aren't given any attention here, but significantly resized KOs might be okay if their interest here is very limited (or if I am convinced to prohibit it completely). They are less likely to allow people to deceive others into thinking that they are legitimate toys (especially out of packaging like Gen1 KOs)... but I also don't want to help fund companies that produce any KOs (if they do resized KOs, they are likely to do straight KOs as well, or try to sell them to people who would normally buy a legit Transformers toy)

This goes for any multi-item sale listings or ongoing sales topics - let the person know if they don't realise it, or report them to staff if they do know... in case that topic isn't being monitored.

An expansion on this is detailed in the other pinned topic here.