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Thread: Toy Review - DLX THUNDERHOWL

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    Default Toy Review - DLX THUNDERHOWL

    Series - Bumblebee
    Sub-line - Cyberverse Adventures
    Size/class - Deluxe
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - 4
    Released here - November 2020
    Approximate Retail Price - $29
    Approximate Size - 13cm
    Allegiance - Autobot
    Alt-mode - Robotic wolf
    Main Features/Gimmicks - Flame effect
    Main Colours - blue, gold
    Main Accessories - flame effects piece, shield, sword, Maccadam's head component

    I really wanted to like this toy being one of the few original characters to emerge from Transformers in a while... but I find this toy to be all kinds of disappointment.
    * The elbows are prone to popping off
    * There's a massive gap beneath the back plate in beast mode. I think it's meant to represent a cape? (I haven't seen this character's appearance on the show yet) - if so it's a very poor representation.
    * The fists don't conceal. It's like a Wolverine cosplayer on all fours.
    * While I appreciate the robot shoulders swinging down to make the beast mode less humanoid, it does mean that the gait is more avian than mammalian.
    * Apparently this is the least show-like of the Cyberverse Warriors. This personally doesn't bother me - I just want a good toy. But it fails on that level too.
    * The flame effect for the sword looks really nice and I like how it can also be attached to the barrel inside the mouth to replicate fire breath.
    * The way that the back plate becomes the shield is also a neat touch and reminiscent of K-9.

    OVERALL: There are just way more minuses than plusses on this figure. Not recommended.

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    Gotta agree, Thunderhowl is the weakest entry into the deluxe BAF range, I modded it a bit and it's best feature is the effect part. I guess you could say that his ball jointed wrists allows you to do sword poses but he's really just an articulated block.

    The back split is indeed supposed to represent the character's cape.

    I hear good things about his Ultra Class figure if that's any consolation.

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    Love that this one has such a chogukin look but as your review has pointed out, a book shouldn't be judged by it's cover. Once again Cyberverse drops the ball.

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