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Thread: Future lines based on old series.

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    Over the last few months (and thanks to those here who've aided and abetted me in this ) I've put together most of the Animated deluxes, voyagers, and leaders (really, really need to find a deluxe Ratchet - he's the only main cast member that I've not been able to see for sale in Australia). Apart from the woefully out-of-scale Sentinel Prime (needs to be a voyager to match Optimus, not a deluxe, good as it may be) and Lugnut (great figure, but needs to be a leader), they're brilliant. Would be wonderful to see Hasbro revisit the line, as long as they also revisited the design style and level of quality. Price be damned, I want the things, and there were several rather prominent characters who never got toys (such as the two Constructicons).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nalops View Post
    Speaking of RID, I kinda want a JRX/ Rail Racer now
    I'm dying for more Trainformers so yes, give me a Rail Racer!

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