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Wholesalers are not allowed to set prices in Australia by law... but they can give "recommended retail pricing", but most retailers will set their pricing based on their standard margins, often lining up close to the RRP estimate.

I can't really go into any details, but EB prices are based on what Hasbro Australia sells it to them for... and Hasbro Australia is stuck with the price that Hasbro Asia charges them.
I had this whole argument with them several years ago when they were selling the JP Combiner sets at ToysRUs, and the TRU price was double what they could be imported for, which meant that Hasbro Australia were obviously being shafted... because if Hasbro Asia can sell it to Asian retailers for a wholesale price that ends up being on the shelf for half of what it ends up here, then Hasbro Asia is charging one of their own branches at least double what they were charging local retailers that have nothing to do with Hasbro.
This was an argument that took many conversations, as the local branch is not keen to reveal too much about what happens internally... so they won't come out and tell us how much they are being charged, and I can't encourage the local office to rock the boat on how things are done between the Branches of Hsabro, because getting some of these over-priced expensive imports/exclusives here makes it more likely that we will get the cheaper exclusives here (even if those are also over-priced... but if they are hard to get globally like several of the 2020 Hasbro exclusives, getting them here at all is better than resorting to scalper pricing from overseas).
Thank you for clearing that up, and I appreciate your efforts in the past then. Guess it is what it is unfortunately.

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Sunstreaker had some great features in vehicle mode, namely working scissor doors and pop-up headlights, and including these details really sells the idea of a high quality, detailed, authentic replica of a car.

I have no doubt that there are aircraft enthusiasts who would appreciate the sort of authentic details of a real plane that were included on MP3/MP11, so why not keep that sort of thing for MP52? Is it any different to the high degree of detail we saw on Binaltech/Alternators figures, or the details on other Masterpiece figures like the Alitalia livery on Wheeljack and the aforementioned doors and headlights on Sunstreaker?
Although not an aircraft enthusiast myself, I did notice a surprising number of fans who were upset that Studio Series Blitzwing was the "wrong jet." The radar dish on the seekers don't bug me either way, but I did enjoy the aforementioned scissor doors and pop up lights on Sunstreaker, so if those features make certain fans happy then so be it.