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Thread: WFC Kingdom Mirage custom rocket launcher fix

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    Default WFC Kingdom Mirage custom rocket launcher fix

    Here's my custom clip for WFC Kingdom Mirage's rocket launcher. I wasn't happy with inserting the launcher behind the upper arm as this makes this arm useless for posing - it needs to bend back to keep the launcher angled correctly. Plus the launcher looks better nearer to the head. At first I thought I would make something out of balsa wood, but then had this idea for a paper clip.

    Equipment needed:
    • Plastic coated paper clip (black is a good colour) - plastic coated ones allow snug fit inside the wheel and around the launcher peg without damaging the toy.
    • Fine hobby pliers to bend the wire into a neat shape.
    • Wire cutter to cut off excess wire if needed.

    I made a prototype with a pink, plastic coated paper clip, bending it by hand. You need to bend the part that inserts into the wheel space to fit snuggly - the two right angles will push against the inner "spokes" of the wheel and the inner curved surface of the "tread". Use the whole depth of the wheel space for more support. Then bend the clip over the "tread". Then coil the wire around something a little smaller than the launcher peg (I used a hobby paintbrush handle), for a snug peg fit. Note that the "tread" is made of ridges and a smooth area and they align differently to the spokes in each quadrant, so make your clip fit the section you choose accordingly.

    The wheel has a bit of friction (it doesn't spin freely) which allows some positioning of the launcher angle. But I found that, while there is clearance to allow the wire to pass between the wheel and the white plastic part it attaches to, if you bend the wire accordingly, it can rest on the white part to stop wheel from rolling back too far - up to you and experimenting.

    I much prefer having the launcher over the base of the neck than at the back of the arm as it allows for better posing.

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    Nice work. Functional and not permanent. Also not visible on many angle.

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    This Or you could use netflix bumblebeen/earthrise cliffjumpers gun as an adapter
    Scroll down to see pics

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