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Thread: Building a better Lightspeed

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    Default Building a better Lightspeed

    While I don't mind the Combiner Wars Streetwise mold, I didn't think it was a good fit for Lightspeed. The colours and the head didn't help either.
    So I've painted a CW Wheeljack and added a TR Repugnus head. It has to do some contorting to fit into alt mode.

    (still shiny 'cos I hadn't dullcoted yet)

    Sneak peeks of my customs on Instagram under snaketalesaus

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    Oh wow, that Repugnus head works really well on him. Not sure how you managed to fit it in alt mode, but kudos!
    On the lookout for MISB Headmaster Highbrow, Takara or Hasbro. I'm sure I could make you a sweet deal!

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