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Thread: Netflix Kingdom tv Show Review Spoilers

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    Why Beast Wars is better than Kingdom...

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    Overall I enjoyed Kingdom much more than Earthrise of Siege. It's definitely not a great series in total and I can't see myself in any hurry to watch it again, but it was a big improve on the previous two.

    The thing that I did quite like about it was that it's a proper G1 / Beast Wars crossover story! Sure it's not quite the G1 cartoon characters and it's not quite the BW cartoon characters but most of them are "close enough". It goes through all the typical beats of such a crossover - a misunderstanding means the heroes are figthting each other., the villains on the other hand are teaming up. The heroes team up to take on the villains. It's not original in the genre but it's original to Transformers, I can't think of another example outside (the G1 comics bringing in the ongoing and the Headmaster casts). I liked seeing Hound struggling with Rhinox, Laserbeak chasing Airazor, Soundwave and his cassettes fighting Dinobot, etc. That stuff made me smile.

    The other thing this did more successfully than the last two series was sell toys. I respect it for that. Poor timing maybe with the last two, but with this one, most of these new characters are on the shelves so the timing is better. One exception is Nemesis Prime. I had no interest in that toy when it came out, but since watching Kingdom I have been thinking about tracking him down. He was a general release figure right now, I'd probably have already gone to Myer or Toyworld and picked him up!

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    I found it better than the Siege/earthrise, but not really all the enjoyable.

    Voice acting was pretty wful. Optimus still had a gap between each word which I found extremely annoying. However generally I found myself thinking it was a fairly amateurish production. Lack of on screen transformation and some hard to hear mixing of voices (Soudwave and the Ark speaking required me to turn on the subtitles...) Also odd things like Airrazor flying in robot mode for most of the show. Also, was she Ironman? She fought and flew like Ironman. I half expected the same replusor blast sound effect.

    After it was over, I breathed a sigh of relief. I have absolutely not inclination to watch the series again. This came to me early in the show when the Nemesis (ship) and Ark were crashing, I couldn't remember the reason why they were, but didn't want to go back to Earthrise to find out.
    As for the characters, I ended up accepting the BW ones as being from an alt universe, since none of them seemed to fit the originals very well. Dinobot seemed to be a loyal worshipper of the matrix or primes, not all that honorable. Black arachnia wasn't too bad. Beast Megs, was uh, completely different, almost fanboy level with absolutely no charisma or class whatsoever and the Maximals were, uh, there. They could've been anybody.

    Many of the concepts I liked.
    Galvatron and Nemesis Prime being Unicron's lackeys - Nemesis actually being Optimus instead of a clone. Not an entirely new concept as such, but nice to see used regardless. the BW being from a future where Glavs/Neme show up every now and then to torment the Cybertronians.
    Rhinox and Wheeljack working together.
    Beast Megs trying to save Megs from becoming Galvs.
    The Ark as a huge arse robot. Although it didn't do much and I do wonder if it hadn't devoted resources to allowing itself to Transform it would've been able to fly.
    Megs using the golden disc. Although the disc just being a personal diary of future megs seems like a wasted opportunity.
    Starscream progression , although it seem to stem from going crazy of having future knowledge.

    Things I didn't like.
    More macguffins.
    Megatron and his "Precious" that he wouldn't let Soundwave carry.
    Some other things, but it's not worth the effort to type it up.

    Overall I think the biggest problem with the series as a whole was, voice acting, and trying to jam too much into the series. When Prime meets Primal, he lists off a bunch of stuff that they've been through on their journey and its a long list (dead universe, scorponok, AT protocals, allspark death programme thing etc) and there's just too much crammed in to what is a pretty short run of a cartoon. If they had cut a lot of the excess crap off and focused more on one or two conflicts/problems for each series I think it would've been a whole lot better.

    Although I suspect the reason why there is so much crap in there is because they don't have quality writers to make a sweet, precise story.

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    Better than the previous two. But not by much. Probably only due to influx of 'new' characters.
    Speaking of, I really didnt like these alt-universe/reality/whatever versions of the BW crew. With the exceptions of Blackarachnia and Airrazor. (Made me like my Airrazor fig even more).
    Poor Dinobot seems destined to die in every reality/universe!
    Why Waspinator not get screen time?
    Why Primal's shoulder missiles now jets? Why no forearm blasters?
    What was point of the Earthrise toys?
    Not going to mention all the other points everyone has already covered.

    More bad than good, but watch it (all 3) once because... Transformers.
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    Added poll... hopefully with enough options to cover those who saw it, and those unlikely to see it (either not planning to, or don't have easy (legal) access to the show).

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    Looking back i was hoping dinobot with the matrix could've given us that Dinomus Prime the pack in cards alluded to

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