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Thread: Developer of Transformers games in trouble

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    Default Developer of Transformers games in trouble

    The Chinese conglomerate Tencent has had much of the high-level staff at one of their gaming studios quit. Why is this related to Transformers? Because LeYou has been developing Transformers games for Hasbro. I don't know anything at this point beyond what's in the TFW article, but I've shot a question off to someone that might be able to give us better insight. I'll update the post he can add anything to the discussion.

    Edit. I asked Jeff Grubb, noted games journalist and industry insider what he knows. He said that LeYou is a shell of its former self that is working as a support studio for other Tencent games. So sounds like Hasbro needs to find a new dev.
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    Looks like a case similar to Toys R Us - a buyer that bought the company for their assets rather than for the value of the company itself, leading the people that actually wanted the company to perform well becoming disenfranchised.

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    From what I remember and I don't know if this is true but this company was making several licenced games (LOTR for example), and was hoping a buyout or something due to those valuable properties.

    Anyway, they were developing an online Transformers game, which automatically makes me not care about the game at all, so no loss for me.
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