From the Studio Series 86 Dinobot Slug & Daniel Witwicky review thread:
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I wonder what other annoying add on characters they will throw in with the rest of the Dinobots.....
Great question! Here are my picks (beyond Grimlock and Slag who are already pre-determined).

+ Swoop w/ Prof. Morris. The human who once controlled Swoop; initially against his will but later with his consent. And of course, Morris was Centurion who was an ally of the Dinobots.
+ Sludge w/ Joy Meadows. The Girl Who Was Loved by Sludge.
+ Snarl w/ Optimus Prime (as Hi-Q). Okay, in G1 this version of Optimus Prime was actually riding Slag, but since Daniel Witwicky is already occupying that slot (for some weird reason), might as well assign Optimus Prime to Snarl.