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Thread: Toy Review - GRIMLOCK (Kingdom)

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    Default Toy Review - GRIMLOCK (Kingdom)

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - War For Cybertron Kingdom
    Size/class - Voyager
    New/remould/redeco - Retool and repaint of Kingdom Dinobot
    Wave - N/A
    Released here - N/A
    Approximate Retail Price - Approx. $77 (in "Battle Across Time Collection" 2-pack with Mirage)
    Approximate Size - 17cm
    Allegiance - Maximal
    Sub-Group - Autobot, Dinobot
    Alt-mode - Deinonychus
    Main Features/Gimmicks - no GPS
    Main Colours - three shades of grey, bronze
    Main Accessories - sword, Spinning Slasher Sword

    N.B.: This toy is a repaint and retool of Kingdom Dinobot. As such, this review thread will focus on differences made. Refer to the Kingdom Dinobot review thread for more details and thoughts about the original mould.

    + Finally, a Beast Wars Grimlock toy that you can play with without it crumbling to pieces from GPS!
    + BW toy-accurate new head looks beautiful
    + The unpainted faux beast eyes on the robot chest means that you don't have a pair of dino-eyes on the back of the dino thighs.
    + All the benefits/advantages of the Kingdom Dinobot mould.

    - Being an overseas limited exclusive that you can only get in a 2-pack with Mirage (whether you want it or not) makes it more of hassle over being a more easily accessible single-release figure.
    - The unpainted faux-beast eyes on the chest does detract from the chest looking like a false beast head, but as mentioned in the Pros, it does improve the look of the beast thigh so I can easily forgive this.
    - Some odd colouring choices. The beast mode head has black colouration, whereas the rest of the beast mode striping is dark grey. And yes, striping, not spots like on the original BW toy. The thighs and feet have additional bronze colouring whereas they were light grey on the original toy. It appears to have been done to give the inner thighs, legs and feet a uniform bronze line of colour (which the lower legs has on both this toy and the original KD Dinobot toy), but there's no real reason why the thighs and feet's colours needed to be aligned with the lower legs at all.



    I'm quite chuffed with this toy. I don't mind the new colour scheme and I actually like how it looks more distinctive from Dinobot. But for people preferring a more BW-accurate deco, yeah, you're probably gonna be annoyed. Acquiring this toy in the first place may not be easy for everyone; I was fortunate in that I was able to split this set with another collector who only wanted Mirage. It might be easier if they went back to individual Generations Selects releases. <shrugs>

    Recommended only if you're a fan of the character and you're not put off by the new colour scheme.

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    You could have posted in the already existing review thread

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