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Thread: Best Bumblebee for 4-Year Old

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    Default Best Bumblebee for 4-Year Old

    G'day all, was hoping to get some opinions on what members think is the best Bumblebee toy, previous release or currently available, for my (almost) 4-year old.

    I was looking for something fun, relatively sturdy, won't easily come apart/break and would be easy enough for them to pose etc. even if they can't fully transform it just yet. G1-esque would be ideal. They are a pretty switched on kid, but may get a little frustrated/inpatient and not the gentlest with their toys at times.

    I have only been collecting the more recent CHUG stuff, up to WFC series, so was wondering whether there was something in Cyberverse or another line that might fit the bill. I've had a look and I am currently sitting at an older Henkai/Classics Bumblebee mold or one of the Trooper Class Bumblebees from Cyberverse.

    Open to any/all suggestions, cheers.

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    I'd go with something easy to transform and hard to break over poseability. Young kids don't have the attention span for many transfomation steps, which then frustrates them. And if they break it (which is more likely with finicky transformation), they complain or toss it aside, which is frustration for you. They often use their imagination to make up for articulation - Rescue Bot Flip Racers are mighty fun despite no purposeful articulation.

    It's mostly Camaro style rather than Volkswagen for the simpler toys too.

    Any of the "1-step changers" e.g. current Cyberverse.

    Anything Rescue Bots [Academy], such as this.

    The older Generations Classics Legion class Bee they used to sell at Coles for $7 several years ago was Beetle-like and not hard to transform with fair poseability but harder to obtain.

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    Yeah, don't go for the Classic/Henkei one, the transformation is a little bit complex/fiddly. One of the various reissue G1 ones might work and shouldn't be too hard/expensive to find, or there was a 2007 stuffed toy/plush version as well if your kid won't think it's 'for babies'.

    Or you could just grab one of those discounted Buzzworthy Bumblebee with Spike packs clogging up KMart shelves everywhere. It's small but it's reasonably articulated with a simple-but-still-there transformation, and they're widely available at $15-odd atm.

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