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Thread: Do you keep your Transformers manuals?

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    All the manuals and extras bits from figures have gone into baggies in big plastic tubs. Save for the instructions of new figures, they get turfed with the boxes

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    I keep mine as I am forgetful and enjoy transforming them with instructions. the extent of my filing system is keeping the same series toys together. I will admit I get frustrated at the different size manuals. Part of my reason for being such a big fan of the Japanese legends line is the included comics kinda force the manuals to all be a regular size which made them easy to keep.

    The WFC Trilogy ones I have are a mess of different sizes and it frustrates me.
    I did notice that Takara did upload pdf version of them to their product pages. <--Ratchet and they have a link on the page <-- Ratchet's manual.

    But they don't upload them until after the figure's release in Japan. So studio series has up to Comaro Bumblebee, but no Wreck-Gar just yet.

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    Yup, all of them. Although I generally remember all the transformations, I do sometimes forget something, and it is nice to be able to go to The Box and pull out the instructions when required. And I see such moments only increasing as I grow older and as my collection grows (my base target for Generations toys is, after all, 213, and I have plenty of toys outside that target and collection as well, some of them much more complex than a Generations toy).

    That's a good reason. Now ask me to explain why I keep the instructions for repaints...

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    I recently went through some of my stuff and ended up with this massive pile of instructions and I realised I’m never going to look at them so they went in the bin.
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    If its got a box the manual stays in the box. For everything else, I use 2 of these big Lego Brick containers to store them in.
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